18 August 2019
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Migration crisis, British demands; EU challenges for 2016

 The immigration crisis and the reforms demanded by the United Kingdom to ensure its permanence in the block, are among the main challenges of

the European Union (EU) for 2016.At a press conference, the President of the European Commission (EC), Jean Claude Juncker, criticized the attitude of some of the members of the block, who refused to support initiatives, such as the redistribution of 160.000 refugees.

"It is inconceivable that an EC proposal, endorsed by the Council and the Parliament is not applied nationwide", he added.

He also considered that by acting in this way, the block cannot be an example to the world on human rights and called for "less arrogance and more results'.

He also warned about the negative consequences of the end of the Schengen Area due to the strengthening of border controls by some countries in order to stop the flow of undocumented immigrants.

In the other hand, he expressed confidence in achieving an agreement with the UK in February that allows the permanence of London in the community.

Juncker acknowledged that the British demands are difficult, but considered that a permanent solution will be reached at the European Council.

In that regard, he asked the members of the bloc to work hard in the upcoming days to reach a consensus.

Among the reforms requested by the United Kingdom in order to remain in the European Union is the reduction of intra-community migration and that EU migrants cannot claim social benefits for four years.

London also urges for granting greater powers to the parliaments of the 28 members.

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