18 August 2019
مرکز رصد تروریست حقیقی

Come Again? Britain's Cameron Defends Saudi War on Yemen!

British Premier David Cameron has a lot of nerves to insist selling arms to Saudi Arabia is legal and important to Britain's national security because "they're opponents of ISIL."

Premier Cameron also has a lot to explain to the world community why he cheers the continued Saudi-led and US-backed airstrikes against the defenseless people of Yemen, claiming they are working "on behalf of the legitimate government" in that war-torn country!

Lest he forgets, selling arms to the aggressors which only help prolong their war of aggression, kill and wound tens of thousands of civilians, and make millions more refugee, is wrong, indeed, well beyond the bounds of international morality and law. The international Arms Trade Treaty is clear on that:

The Treaty is a multilateral, legally-binding agreement that establishes common standards for the international trade of conventional weapons and seeks to reduce the illicit arms trade. The Treaty aims to reduce human suffering caused by illegal wars and irresponsible arms transfers, improve regional security and stability, as well as to promote accountability and transparency by state parties concerning transfers of conventional arms.

Premier Cameron knows that his irresponsible arms sales authorizations to the Saudis have done all this and more to the besieged people of Yemen, all while making his government complicit in Saudi war crimes. Indeed, he is aware that his government's arms transfer authorization violates "obligations under measures adopted by the United Nations Security Council."

Premier Cameron is aware that the British arms are being used by the Saudis and their rogue partners in the commission of genocide, crimes against humanity, grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions, attacks directed against civilian objects and civilians protected as such, and other war crimes, including targeting of hospitals, patients, and medical staff. If not, all he needs to do is pick up the phone and call the Doctors Without Borders headquarters in Europe, or the United Nations Human Rights Council in New York!

Premier Cameron is further aware that his arms sales authorizations to the Saudis continue to contribute to and undermine peace and security throughout the Middle East. Specifically speaking, in Yemen, the British-made battle tanks, armoured combat vehicles, large-calibre artillery systems, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, warships, missiles, missile launchers, small arms and light weapons are vastly being used under the pretext of fighting terror to commit and facilitate serious violations of international humanitarian and human rights law. This includes acts of state-sponsored terrorism by the Saudi-led coalition.

Yes, ISIL is a Saudi spawn, a transnational organized terrorist network capable of carrying out terrorist attacks against civilians even in Europe and Asia. And no, the regime changers are not working on behalf of the legitimate government in Yemen. They are there to reinstall their former puppet Hadi in power whose term in office was supposed to have ended back in 2014. They are also there to oust the resistance group of Ansarullah which is fighting the Saudi-led aggressors and has the full backing of the Yemeni people.

It is past time for the British government to change course and be in full compliance with the international Arms Trade Treaty. Britain should stop its irresponsible arms exports and transfers to Saudi Arabia and its rogue partners in Yemen. The Downing Street is in the know that the regime changers are using British arsenals to devastate the poorest country in the Middle East - without the justification of self-defense and UN authorization, for territorial gain and subjugation, and in serious violation of the United Nations Charter, international human rights law, as well as conventions and protocols relating to terrorism and international organized crime.

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